I have 7+ years experience creating digital experiences and interfaces for brands such as:

St. Tropez
Fudge Hair
Charles Worthington
Qantas & British Airways
(as partners of STA Travel)

I do a lot of UX design, visual design, HTML, CSS & Javascript. These skills involve me end-to-end throughout projects and are always supplemented by conceptual thinking and original ideas. I obsess over the finer details of user interactions, but it is my multi-discipline understanding of marketing that allows me to see the bigger picture as well. I enjoy writing integrated campaigns for brands with creative concepts at the heart of each. I love to make things beautiful and can also help studios with art direction, branding and print design.

I'm currently living in London.
You can contact via email or phone +44(0)7734909896.
St.Tropez responsive e-commerce website
IA · UX · Visual Design

"Skin-finishing" (fake tan) experts ST.TROPEZ wanted a new website that was not only e-commerce enabled but also a rich, interactive brand experience optimised for all devices.

My role was client-facing and I tailor-made wireframes to meet specific business requirements. I looked at every nook-and-cranny of the UX including the product page, the checkout, the store locator and the account.

Central to my thought throughout was helping the user find which of the 50+ fake tan products available was right for them and looking at ways in which to defeat choice paralysis. Clear, distinct navigation choices and just the right amount of information at every level of the architecture were just two of the ways in which I did this.

I also designed two site features both of which aligned brand benefits and high-quality art direction next to purchase. These were the Finish Finder™ and the before & after slider. The site, developed by a third-party, can be found at

Branding · UX · UI Design · HTML, CSS & Javascript

I wanted to make a contemporary environment for my tumblr music blog. I used JQuery & CSS to turn the viewport into a progress bar and allowed listeners to put their feet up by writing code that ensured continuous play. Have a look this way.

Big Group Responsive Website
IA · UX · Visual Design

Big Group’s work varies drastically, from e-Commerce platform development to VIP event management. The task was to make a site that presents their services in unity. The design needed to be optimised for all devices.

'Keep The Night Alight' Event Concept
Concept · Copy Writing · Branding · Graphic & Print Design · Javascript

A concept for MasterCard’s BRITs 2013 after party. I created an emblem for the evening based on Event Concept’s stage LEDs. The emblem appeared on all collateral including a foil-blocked invite.

Guests were instructed to “Light Up The Night” by visiting a website on their mobile where they’d find a light show (*careful if you’re epileptic*) I created with JQuery.

MAOAM Facebook App (Uncommissioned)
Concept · Art Direction · Visual Design

Pick a Facebook friend, calibrate the position of their eyes, nose & mouth and then say MAAAOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM for as long as you can until your mate’s head blows. Then share the juicy explosion on their timeline.

Watch this!

Tiger Pistol Platform UX & UI
IA · UX · UI Identity & Design

Designing something that designs something is complicated. Making things simple for people isn’t simple. These are two lessons I learnt while creating a UX for Tiger Pistol: a web app that lets you design and develop Facebook apps from scratch.

Users can create or pick themes and drag & drop widgets as they please to create tailor made contests, coupons, custom Facebook tabs and other social media campaigns.

#PricelessEndings Concept
Concept · Comms Strategy · Copy Writing · Art Direction · Visual Design

An idea for a credit card brand aimed to ensure social media domination during a key sponsorship period. Consumers would be rewarded with prizes for their enthusiasm and creativity. The best tweets would be acted out and filmed to create great online content.

Please note the images above were used for mockup purposes and never used commercially.
Branding · Art Direction · Design

Cadbury Gifts Direct UI Design
Visual Design

I don’t think I realised at the time how lucky I was to be given the opportunity to create a UI for such an iconic brand.
Audi Manchester United sponsorship
Graphic & Print Design

A simple idea at Old Trafford to leverage Audi’s sponsorship of Manchester United by increasing endorsement.

British Airways & Qantas Work For STA
Concept · Copy Writing · Art Direction · Visual Design

I started my career at STA Travel. I created national campaigns, promotions and newsletters for the airlines we worked closely with.

'Fact / Fiction' was an awareness campaign which positioned STA Travel as experts that can help anyone, not just students.

'Push The Button' was an idea of mine to sell package holidays (the easiest holiday to book). No hassle, just click to turn your holiday on. 'Say No To Sanity' was an idea to sell gap years against the mundane reality of life.
#CanIHaveItLikeThat Fudge Campaign
Concept · Copy Writing · Visual Design · HTML & CSS

Fudge Hair wanted a cost-effective idea to help them release their new brand images. Nostalgia inspired the campaign, specifically the memory of handing my hairdresser a photo and asking for my idol at the time’s haircut. is a modern, digital, cinemagraph-rich, responsive version of that magazine tear out.